The Challenge

Most business people in our churches in North America are completely unaware of opportunities for them in missions.  The stereotype of mission is still to serve in remote places and work with unskilled nationals.  The reality is that their life skills are critically needed to disciple the nations to start and build sustainable enterprises. Business people serving in this way earn the right to be heard and can make a difference for God.  This is an under marketed, largely untold story, with a difficult pathway--even to those inclined to take it.

It is appreciated by those in the movement that business people can get involved in the following ways, for example:

  • Conduct business seminars in the cities of the emerging world to initiate productive relationships.
  • Consult, build, re-build, turn around and/or administer businesses and NGOs performing below their capacity and capability.
  • Travel or even live overseas to advise and support growing national businesses.
  • Move overseas to oversee burgeoning BAM movements.
  • Invest in companies overseas and interact closely with senior management
  • There are many more points of entry.

Finishers Project (FP) has a broad footprint into evangelical America engage business people to serve in the BAM movement. FP and the entire BAM movement really do not know how to get the attention of the target business audience or how to position the opportunities in a compelling way. Another way to say this is that FP has a good reach to the supply side for this movement.  The demand side is somewhat unclear for this demographic that generally operates only in spaces of clarity.

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