The Invitation

This is an invitation to participate in the consultation and beta test of whatever is developed as an outcome.  The consultation will include a number of seasoned business people that have indicated an interest in finding a spot in serving the Lord among the nations. Come prepared with having identified several positions in your organization where there is a need to be filled by qualified business people who are open to get involved in some aspect of BAM part-time or full-time. The objective is to gather ideas so as to contribute to facilitating the movement. The need is to break-the-code to attract well-qualified people by collaborating as stakeholders in a way that your organization could not do on its own. 

How you can participate in this consultation and beta test?

  • Provide a thorough job description, including the location (or region, if sensitive) of the work for inclusion a new BAM website owned and operated by Finishers Project.
  • Provide a mission, vision, core values, goals and objectives statement for this movement within your organization or for at least one initiative on the drawing board or even underway.  If that is not available, send what you have for us to work over with you. This can be completed on the website or submitted for FP to enter.
  • Outline how you will process inquirers who respond to the postings–the option will be entirely yours, your agency will not be revealed on the website, but when good matches appear, you will want to be able to respond appropriately and quickly. Inquirers pay close attention to how they are treated.
  • Submit your plan as to how you will make engagement decisions and then prepare new staff for the field. Best practices will be shared collaboratively.
  • Finishers Project can supply candidates. Also, you probably know 2 or 3 in your own church that would qualify.
  • Participate in the consultation with BAM leaders from your organization.
  • Depending on the outcome of the consultation, participate in the ongoing initiative.

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