Who Should Attend?

Mission agency leaders and leaders of churches and other ministries with responsibility for bringing business leaders to their organization for whatever reason—to set up enterprises, mentor nationals in enterprises, develop a BAM track within their organization, sponsor or facilitate short-term trips with business leaders.

  • Organizations that train business leaders in international and cultural issues.
  • Leaders in financial organizations that fund international business enterprises
  • Business men and women seeking to serve in missions, but cannot see a clear point of entry.
  • Those interested in contributing to a movement to market and make the business as mission option to a generation of seasoned business people.

Maggie of Uganda, East Africa wrote:

Don Parrot contacted me about this gathering because of how I have combined business with missions in my work in Uganda. My first mission experience to Africa nine years ago was as a Finisher's applicant, partnering with African Children's Mission in Uganda. Having been self-employed for over 25 years in the hospitality industry, my work was to build and establish a guesthouse for short-term missionary teams and as a vocational training program teaching youth an employable skill. I have been living out in the bush for th last 4 years, treating our work as a BAM project, not only teaching hospitality skills but linking with business friends and teaching basic small business concepts to our entire community. The results are amazing. I am in USA until the end of Sept. and would be interested in meeting and talking with others that are passionate about setting captives free through Kingdom of God businesses. Looking forward to hearing more. Maggie Josiah

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