Discovery Overview For a Marketplace Person

The Lord has been raising up and sending workers in innovative ways to disciple the nations. Yet there is a gap between the marketplace and ministry cultures. Each is standing on their side of the bank wondering how to build the bridge. The bridge is not broken, it has never been built.

Bridge not built

For a person that has spent his or her life in marketplace organizations, where the buck is the bottom line, the pathway into mission is a cross-cultural experience even in our country of origin. We speak the same language, where the same clothes and eat the same food, but serving in ministry, where working with people is progress requires a shift in thinking. Discipling the nations is marketplace upside down. There is no trickle down economics. Serving is leading.  Giving is receiving.

Those of us with marketplace experience wonder in the recesses of our spirit if there is a place for us to serve—either in the midst or at the end of a career. We generally operate in spaces of clarity, expect a clear path to ministry service. Some are in different places in the process:

Beginning Stage:

  • When all the dust settles what is going to last?
  • Is there life after success?
  • What could I give my life to something would ignite my passions?
  • How much is enough?
  • What is my real purpose on earth?

 Investigating Stage:

  • What are my strengths?
  • How am I uniquely designed?
  • What are my strengths, passions and core values and interests?
  • Who can help me decide what I am uniquely prepared for?           
  • How do I prepare my self and my family?           

Deciding Stage:

  • How can I make this choice work?
  • How will I do this – abruptly or over time?