Consultation Findings

The conversation, the consultation was to - Gauge the state of the art;
- Engage those experienced marketplace practitioners into mission; and
- Include those available and those seeking to recruit them.

See the consultation notes from the pages below or under Findings at the left.

  • Problem Finding Session
    There is a paradigm shift…how do we manage this paradigm shift?
    There’s not a supply problem–there’s an "untapped" supply problem.
    How do we get funding for business enterprise – investors vs. donors?
  • Mission Agency Perspective
    Missionaries don’t know what to do with business people.
    Business people see mission agencies as a cross-cultural experience.
  • Brightseed Foundation
    Creating jobs; Helping people help themselves by employing themselves and employing others.
  • African Hospitality Institute
    Business people are encouraged to come and partner short-term
    First to explore and see the different opportunities; then
    Commit to return each year or two to build relationships and follow-up.
  • Impact Investing
    Impact investing fills the space between philanthropy and traditional investing.
  • Transformational Ventures
    A model that integrates business people, churches (overseas and stateside) and mission agencies – everyone brings the value that they can contribute.
  • Global Business Success Foundation
    It’s a “soft” step for businessmen – an eight day customized business mission trip working with business hosts that are established American missionaries.
  • Engaging Churches
    The church has 12 business people working in the program on finances and budgeting. The church looks at the missions department as a business.
  • Consultation Gleanings