BAM From the Mission Agency Perspective


  • Missionaries/church planters don’t know what to do with business people.
  • Fact-finding – business people could survey/research a city/country.
  • Market research for business opportunities
  • Help with existing BAM projects and start-up entrepreneurial projects either on a short-term consulting basis or long-term. 
  • Business people on a consulting basis to look at current systems that are already in place either at the home office or on the field.
  • Shift donor-based ministries to income-generating businesses. Hospitals, churches, radio stations are businesses, but it takes businessmen who know how to run them as business.
  • Closed countries require a true entrepreneur to be a resident in-country – people with age, experience and spiritual maturity.
  • Have Western businessmen work with national businessmen. They need to be educated before they come; they need to be trained to go slow when training nationals – not to be the elephant stomping the mice
  • Match mid-size American businessmen with peer nationals to employ global principles – not American principles. Not microfinance; match businessmen peer to peer; target business people with employees in metropolitan areas. Employing global principles bridges the gap, and nationals are excited to have someone come alongside and encourage them. 

Phil Bauer mentioned a doctrinal thesis by John Barnett in which John noted that mid-level management people quite often do better in adapting to the missions culture than top-level management.  Top level managers make a decision and want it carried out; mission agencies want to pray about it and discuss it further which results in frustration for the top-level manager.  Mid-level management people are the doers; give them a project and they do it.  


  1. Either address an item above (after repeating the issue in the note) or
  2. Add a problem statement to the mix above. 

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