Brightseed Foundation Overview


The goal of Brightseed Foundation is to create jobs; helping people help themselves by employing themselves and employing others.  Brightseed has made investments on four continents thus far; it is a family foundation that helps people help themselves by providing micro-finance loans.  The unintended satisfaction is that both children coming out of college, have had a way to connect to family matters; they now serve on the Board.  Craig has found that quite often to get to the “boomer” parents, you can engage their adult children first and let them bring the parents alongside them.

There is great interest in both Christian and secular communities to help people overseas to help themselves.  Examples of this are KIVA project and Tom’s Shoes There is a debate on whether you can make “not-for-profit” “for profit” and engage more people.  Craig spoke about the progression of the BAM movement at Indiana University.  It first began with a few guys starting a club for micro-finance; there will now be a course offered on BAM, and they are working on a full curriculum for micro-finance.   $2000 can create a job that gives a man a living wage. 


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