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TRANSFORMATIONAL VENTURES / by Bruce Swanson is a website for the Business as Mission arm of WorldVenture.  It was built to attract business people since WorldVenture’s website is a traditional mission organization website.  We talk about what we’re doing in BAM – Haiti, construction etc.  This is a model that integrates business people, churches (overseas and stateside) and mission agencies – everyone brings the value that they can contribute.  Everyone remains who they are; businessmen remain businessmen, missionaries/church planters remain missionaries and church planters.  That is the model, but education is needed; a ton of change needs to happen within mission agencies.  Separate things operationally and integrate them strategically.  Businesses need to be able to run at the speed of business and make decisions, make the right hires and fires, and not be bogged down by the well-intended politics of mission agencies/churches.

The next website developed was; Bruce created this tool because he needed help finding businessmen. It was too time-consuming to simply call or email individuals for BAM opportunities.  This is not just a WorldVenture site; other organizations can post their opportunities here as well.  If a BAM operator wants some help, there is coaching on how to submit their need.  One of the barriers is that we in missions try to be a gatekeeper but we don’t know the language of thebusinessman.  There is no fundraising on so businessmen know we don’t want their money, we want their expertise.  Posted opportunities are filtered before going live.  Businessmen can find opportunities; BAM operators overseas can find businessmen.  The next step is to build an online community called BAMConnect where people can find each other, connect and message with each other – problem-solve, etc.


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