How Do Mission Agencies Engage Churches?


Doug has been the Missions Pastor for the past 10 years.  They heard about BAM about five years ago, but had no idea what it was.  He has a counsel of 12 business people to school him on how to do finances and understand a budget. He started looking at the Missions Dept as a business.  He and his elders studied the book God is at Work, and realized that they had actually been doing business without realizing it through their yard sales to fund missions trips.  They now have plans to open a Thrift Store. 

They are setting up a ministry model where the church does what it is called to do, and the businessmen do what they are called to do.  They have become involved in BAM projects overseas and in how to fund their saturation church planting efforts and ongoing BAM projects.  Several projects are ongoing, but one in Cambodia is to produce good rice not only to feed the people, but hopefully, to sell the rice and support themselves.  It’s been a 3-yr journey and hopefully, in five years they will be up and running on their own. Other projects involve medical and agricultural projects.

HOW DO WE ENGAGE CHURCHES?  John Warton, Facilitator

  • Nelson suggested that this may not be the right question; rather, how do we engage the prominent businessman within the church?  If we engage the businessman, the businessman will engage his church.
  • The church is still the keeper of the Great Commission, so churches are needed but very difficult to engage.
  • Doug Gamble suggested that there needs to be a strong staff-elder relationship where elders are businessmen.  Also, get churches infected by pointing out other churches that are farther along in their missions engagement – creates healthy competition.  Show examples that work.
  • Don’t talk to the missions pastor or any other staff member; get to the church through a connected lay person – through associations.
  • Christ at Work – the best Marketplace Ministry.
  • Innovation can come to the churches; we just have to be willing to outlast them.  We can’t be anti-cleric – we need the churches to be involved.
  • Marketing – communication – take examples that work and promote them to the churches.


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