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Some organizations are providing clean water as a way to earn the right to share God's love story with an emerging people. There is a large body of thinking that has emerged in the last decade promoting the idea of business as a way to earn the right to be heard.  It allows people of faith to work life-on-life with peoples of another culture.

Most peoples of the world do not want Westerners to come and do business; they want Westerners to teach them how to do business. The adult generations of Western countries are well-equipped to assist in this way, especially those that have been separated from their marketplace careers.

Most of the talks on BAM are still introducing the concept of Business as Mission. What is missing? There is no clear path for an accomplished business man or woman to take to get engaged in the movement. Until last year there is no number to website to visit. But Transformational Ventures did build a website,

The present initiative acquire See the proposal in line or download the proposal as a PDF document. A next set is to hold a national consultation to wrestle together with the issue toward taking bold action. The main question is how to make entry into the global BAM arena work for a business leader that has a track record of accomplishment. Somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of those wishing to get engaged in BAM need some sort of income to make this work at 40 or 50 years of age.

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