Discovery Consultation Notes and Findings


  • No prescribed outcome for the consultation. This is a time for learning from each other to see if together we can find a way forward. 
  • At the outset the first step was Problem Finding: What are problems that need solutions? 
  • A next step was Fact Finding: This involved sharing real experiences
  • A final step was Solution Finding: What would we like to take away from this session?

Some preliminary expectations were to wrestle with these questions:

  • Since a limiting factor for Business as Missions is the supply side, How more business men and women be recruited to get involved?
  • In what ways can BAM option be marketed?  How can business opportunities be positioned so as to get high quality people engaged?
  • How can the BAM movement be constructed to be low overhead with high impact?


Jesus sent out the apostles two-by-two (Matt 10) and told them to travel light, live off the land, take nothing extra (keep overhead low).  He also said that a worker is worthy of his keep.  In order to be worthy, they actually had to do something that was of value, they had to have a deliverable, not just be a sponge.  This was Jesus first take on enterprise.  Paul had the same idea with tentmaking – no high overhead; didn’t want to detract from what he was doing.  We’re going to do business first; if the opportunity arises, we will share Jesus.


The mission movement after WWII became a high overhead operation, and now we’re struggling under the weight of that.  Some of the deliverables have been fuzzy.  Are mission organizations using their money wisely; are missionaries really doing their business?  Countries can see through disingenuous business; it is almost now self-correcting.  The Lord says not to evangelize the nations, but to disciple the nations.  The transition from conventional evangel mission to marketplace mission will involve a significant paradigm change, which is always risky, always scary. But we are a people called to expanding the borders of the Kingdom, called to risk something for God.  We’re on the edge; business as missions is the future platform for missions. 

After founding Finishers Project, Nelson found that other countries also wanted to send out missionaries.  He has been working with them to this end.  Africa, for example, is in need of businessmen to come alongside and help them do business to raise funds for their missionary-sending effort.