Business People All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

The Business as Mission (BAM) movement continues to expand rapidly, yet it is far from being a household word in houses of evangelical worship across the country.  There are many high-quality, accomplished Christian business men and women who could retire or have been retired since the age of 50+. At this age, many are thinking about significance rather than success, as success had been defined for them earlier in life.  Many are tired of the same old grind; they are bored, under-challenged and under-stimulated, but without clear, compelling alternatives.


Some of these people did not separate from their careers by choice.  Due to the current economic downturn, some have been uprooted and are perhaps bewildered or disappointed. Yet they are generally talented, accomplished, positive people that have the energy and motivation to engage in productive activities using their expertise.


Those at the leading edge of the boomer generation are now over 60. This group finds themselves less employable in the face of their shortened long-term outlook.  Approximately twenty percent can be self-supporting; that is a lot of people.  However, being able to self-support is not a measure of potential success or effectiveness in a BAM assignment. So it is productive to recruit talent across the spectrum of economic viability.


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